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Aston Martin DB6 1:43
Aston Martin DB6 1:43
Aston Martin DB6 1:43
Aston Martin DB6 1:43

Aston Martin DB6 1:43

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Equipped with a 286 BHP and 4 litre six-cylinder engine, the Aston Martin DB6 was one of the dream sports cars par excellence from
1965 onwards. In order to be able to offer a practical convertible version of this sports car that was suitable for country and
hunting trips for its demanding customers, many of whom were English, coach builders such as Harold Radford created so-called
“Shooting Brakes” on the basis of the DB6. During the breaks in hunting, you could have lunch or a picnic right next to the practical
sports convertible. Schuco is going to produce in a limited edition of 500 pieces a miniature model of this legendary Aston Martin DB6
„Shooting Brake“ to a scale of 1:43 in the PRO R line. This line, consisting of resin as the material, stands for exceptional and
highly filigree small series models. By means of this highgrade model material, it is possible to produce very rare and exotic
exemplary vehicles in perfect quality and also in low and exclusive production runs.


Attention ! Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 14 ans.


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