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Magirus Deutz O 6500 WM 1954, beige green, 1:43

After sports reporter Herbert Zimmermann had uttered the unforgettable words “It’s over, over, over! Over! Germany are the World Champions” at the final whistle of the World Cup final in Berne on 4th July 1954, the whole of Germany fell into a collective paroxysm of joy. The “Miracle of Berne” had been born. When the new football World Champions returned home, they had to endure a veritable marathon of tributes and celebrations. The team was also driven through Berlin in a Magirus Deutz O6500 streamlined bus decorated with garlands and banners. Schuco is going to produce in a miniature model of this legendary Magirus Deutz O6500 to a scale of 1:43 in the PRO R line. This line, consisting of resin as the material, stands for exceptional and highly filigree small series models. By means of this highgrade model material, it is possible to produce very rare and exotic exemplary vehicles in perfect quality and also in low and exclusive production runs.   Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.
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Mercedes-Benz O302 Bus "Bundeswehr", 1:87

Under the internal designation KOM gr (a long-distance coach), the Mercedes-Benz O302 was procured by the German armed forces as far back as the mid 1960s. Vehicles such as the O302 are used whenever large numbers of people need to be transported over long distances in comfort as well as economically. Variants based on the Mercedes-Benz O302 were also procured that could be converted into ambulances (KrKw gr) without great effort. Schuco is going to produce a miniature model of this Mercedes-Benz O302 to a scale of 1:87. Military models come with a metal body and chassis. As is expected of Schuco models, a number of key features have been reproduced exactly with the greatest attention to detail.   Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.
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MB O302 DP 1:87

  Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.
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Setra S6 Vest.Reised. 1:18

Founded in 1893 in the German town of Ulm by master wainwright Karl Kässbohrer, the company initially concentrated on the production of landaus, sleds, coaches and other vehicles. In 1952, Kässbohrer launched the first German series-production coach of the post-war period, the Setra S 8. The name „Setra“ (short for „selbsttragende“) refers to the „self-supporting“ chassis and the number 8 stands for the number of rows of seats. In 1954, the Setra S 6, which was only 6.7 metres in length, appeared and rounded out the lower end of the series with a compact „club coach“ model. Thanks to its independent rubber suspension on all wheels, the Setra S 6 offered carlike drive comfort. By the time production of the S 6 ceased in 1963, more than 1200 vehicles had been produced.   Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.
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